G Sun Components Ltd,. has a complete range of stainless steel products that is indeed necessary for numerous industrial applications.

We specialize in manufacturing hygienic stainless steel pipe fitting for the industries of dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical, water treatment and semiconductor industries.

We have a considerable stock at our disposal and the quality of our service enables us to guarantee fast deliveries to our customers.


Product ranges : 

  •  Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings :

: DIN, SMS, RJT,IDF, 3A.  

-Heavy Duty Clamp Unions :13MHH (13LAH), 13MHHM, Ferrule,  16AMP (Solid End Cap) 

-Sanitary Welding Fittings: 90’s /45’s Elbow, Tee, Con. / Ecc Reducer, Cross.  

-Sanitary Clamp Fittings: 90’s /45’s Elbow, Tee, Con. / Ecc Reducer, Cross.  

-Pipe Hangers: Hex Holders, Round Holders with / without rod. 

-Sanitary Valves – Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Cook Valve,

-Check Valve  (Non-Return Valve) in Clamp Or Plain End  

The other sanitation kits: Bore Ball, Stems, Gasket, Wing nuts, Handles.


  •   Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings :

-Industrial Butt Fittings: 90’s /45’s Elbow, Tee, Con. / Ecc Reducer, Cap.  

-Industrial Screwed / Thread Fittings: 90’s /45’s Elbow, Tee, Couplings, Cap, Plug, Bushing, Cross. Outlet, Union.  

-Industrial Valves – Ball Valves in Thread End, Stocked End, Flanged end

-Gate Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves. 

-Industrial Flanges- JIS, ASTM, DIN Type Flanges

The other industrial productions: Bore Ball, Stems, Connections for pipe    


  • Stainless Steel Architecture Accessories:
Hinge for windows / doors   

Apart from the existing product lines, customers’ design and OEM orders are welcome.
We always act promptly in responding to customers’ inquiry and to provide the safe merchandises, high quality, lowest prices and best service is our principles. 





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